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Integral Ground/Water Source Heat Pump

    Brand name SEVEN STAR OR OEM Place of Origin Shanghai,China.
    Port Shanghai or Ningbo Supply Ability 200 units per day
    Model No. R-3.1ICT3 MOQ. 5 units
    FOB Price US$1,000.00-2,000.00 Payment Terms T/T, L/C
    Delivery Time 20 days for FCL Packaging Export standard

Integral ground / water source air conditioner is a kind of new water cooled air conditioner, which uses surface soil or solar energy stored in water bodies as cold and heat sources and combines terminal equipments(fan coil unit, floor heaters, capillary) into an environmental friendly, energy saving, multi-function air condition system. In winter, low quality heat energy in water is taken out to supply indoor heating and air conditioning. In summer, the indoor heat is taken out and released into the water to achieve the purpose of air conditioning. This unit is suitable for water loop, groundwater and ground loop, would not be affected by outside climate and can operate round-the-clock. Normally, 1kw input power can obtain the cold & heat 4KW above. Energy-saving is over 70% comparing with conventional air conditioning systems.

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