New solar products
2015 New solar products for outdoor solar cooking, solar ovens
Specification Details:
1. Name of product: Solar Oven
2. Brand name: Seven Star / OEM
3. Roast tube capacity: 8.8cm diameter & 74cm length
4. The input power: 900W (irradiation is strongly) / 650W (irradiation in general)
5. Tube wall temperature: 350°C (irradiation is strongly)
6. Working temperature: 80°C~300°C
7. Cooking time: 3~30 min
8. Warm up time: 150°C 10min (irradiation is strongly)
9. Carton color: Green/ Blue/ Red
10. Random accessories: two heating cup
11. Net weight: 9.5kg
12. Box meter: 100*22*16cm
13. Inner tube: Food-grade import from Germany SUS304 stainless steel.
14. Handle: Wooden, no protective lacquer coating.
15. Packaging details: standard export packages
16. Delivery details: within 14 days.

◎ Food grade SUS304 inner tube instead of traditional glass inner tube to insure explosion-proof and never rust.
◎ Big size 1250*625mm aluminum reflective mirror imported from Germany, ten times concentrated high-power heating, really high temperature 300 ºC.
◎ Rotatable handle, free to adjust the illumination angle according to the sunshine at any time, maximum efficiency of the use of solar energy.
◎ Inside the airtight tube barbecue, moisture loss less, keep the food material racy in greatest extent.
◎ Easy installation with installation manual in English.
◎ Portable suitcase packing.

2015 New solar products for outdoor solar cooking, solar ovens

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