Why the vent of solar water heater always leaking?

Reason 1:
Water supply's pressure is too big, Water splashed out from the vent pipe while fill the water into the solar water heater before tank is full.
Solution: Adjust the water pressure to standard pressure.

Reason 2: Inlet haven't switch off till tank is fullĀ 
Solution: Close the switch of inlet when the tank if full; use water feeder or controller fill the tank automatically.

Reason 3: Water feeder cannot switch off when the tank is full.
Solution: check the water feeder if the ball valve of the water feeder is inclined; change a new water feeder.

Reason 4: Electromagnetic valve of digital controller is not working it cannot switch off.
Solution: Close the water supply checks the Electromagnetic valve and controller.

Reason 5: The high water temperature produces the steam, the steam comes from the vent pipe.
Water is boiling, the boiling water come out from the vent.
Solution: it's normal at the summer or cannot use up the hot water always.

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